Impressions from the Miami Boat Show 98


 The Miami Boat Show 98 runs from Feb. 12 through Feb 18, 1998 and has 1,700 Exhibitors (boot98 Düsseldorf: 1685), thereof 500 with accessories, as well as 3.000 boats (boot98 Düsseldorf: 2.000) which makes it America's largest boat show. It takes place in four different locations in and around Miami Beach. 

SilviCamp attended the show with the goal to check out new accessories. Here are a couple of pictures from that visit posted live. Enjoy.


This is Miami Beach, or to be precise, the beach of Miami Beach. 


Well, we weren't. But maybe there are better places which we just did not find. Try to find them  here. We only had a couple of minutes until the show started to check out the scene. 

There is more information on the boat show on their own home page: 
Miami Boat Show logo

Miami Beach beach


Main entrance to the Miami Beach Convention Center This is the main entrance to the Miami Beach Convention Center which houses a large part of the boat show. There are three other locations which are interconnected by a free shuttle bus.  


A view from the skywalk into only a small part of the large exhibition hall. 

Today, Friday, is 'Red Carpet Day'. Yesterday the access was limited to press and trade visitors, today the public is admitted at double of the regular $10 entry fee. This is a great idea as it keeps visitors limited to those really interested. These dedicated have more room to move around and more opportunity to get their questions answered. 

As you can see the red carpet was really laid out.

View into the large exhibition hall


Twp person hovercraft vehicle This hovercraft vehicle immediately caught our attention. Wouldn't this be nice to tow behind the motorhome? Drives on land, water, snow and ice und is unsinkable. Too bad you can't sleep in it. 

More on the Hovercraft Concepts Homepage. 
Cockpit of the two person hovercraft vehicle


Direct performance comparison between different brands R.I.P. for the Mayfair pumpOne surprise after the other: As we arrived at the accessories booths, we found this display: a direct comparison between three water pumps: Rule, Attwood and Mayfair. Even with less nominal capacity, the Rule pump outperforms both competitor's models. Even a short notice that the Mayfair pump failed after only two hours of operation: 


And in Germany? Guess we let the customer find out himself. 
The water reservoir


Superbright energy saving lights at the Scandvik booth. It didn't take us long to realize the manufacturing source: 

Resolux from Stengel in Germany. 

STENGEL Resolux lights are on display


JABSCO designer toiletteWe'd love to have this great ceramic toilet from Jabsco in out motorhome.  With its 65kW of power this generator set from Kohler could supply a small village. US$ 25.000 US$ isn't all that much. 
KOHLER 65kW generator


Stacey Cerrito is offering brochures This is a nice way to hand out brochures and information. There's no business like show business. Buyer Gordon Baxter from Australia is obviously enjoying the conversation with Stacey Cerrito. 
.Stacey Cerrito with Australian customer


BUZZOFF protective suit demonstrated by mannequin This line of protective clothing with the fitting name of 'BUZZOFF' looked very interesting. According to the manufacturer this suit protects from all kinds of stinging and biting insects and was field tested in Labrador. Verrrry interesting for hunters and fishermen. 

The manufacturer explains details of the buzzoff suit


props of offshore power boat 
Mass transit Florida style
Renown for Florida waters are these 'cigars' as we use to call them, offshore racing boats. With up to 1.500hp motors they not only promise to be great fun, they can also be used for mass transit (see picture) 


A 'cigar'


 A word on the colors of this page: The pink and the teal colors are colors you will find anywhere in Florida, in particular in the Florida Keys. The teal is the color of the shallow waters in the sun, the pink the color of the flamingos. 

These colors always bring back memories in us of wonderful days spent in the Keys.

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